Product Design

project management expertise of India

We support our clients through:

  • Engineering Change Management
  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Re-Engineering
  • CAE/ CFD
  • Concept Design
  • Data Conversion and Migration
  • Cost reduction design analysis


IPEXX product design team is expert in using the best industrial and engineering design software/systems to come up with great and unique customer specific designs.

Our product design capabilities and expertise include –

  • Strategy and support for turnkey product development to meet the existing market demands.
  • Develop product development plan, roadmap to establish scope, costing, timeline, covering the complete cycle of the idea to engineering, prototyping, certification, and manufacturing.
  • To analyse and secure investments in product design and development process.
  • The development cycle of product cost-models, to understand the profitability of the product before investing in risk, expense and time
  • Product design Idea generation
  • Design complexity management and design for manufacturability
  • Feasibility Study for alternative designs
  • Digital to Ready to Sell product prototype (DRS) Creation
  • Material selection
  • Final product design and manufacturing process design
  • Engineering Change management
  • Re-engineering
  • Data Conversion and migration
  • Design analysis for cost reduction
About Us
IPEXX Global brings to its Global Customers a synergy of more than 25 years of successful engineering operations in Europe and decades of pioneering global Off-shoring and project management expertise of India put together under one roof.
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