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Automation in the manufacturing industry has evolved from the use of basic hydraulic and pneumatic systems to today’s modern highly complex robotic manufacturing systems that are lean, agile, flexible, reconfigurable, and wise. Industry 4.0 is no more just a theory but a reality of the day. IPEXX has established a great reputation in the international automotive, aerospace, and heavy industries for designing and validating manufacturing engineering systems. We are known for our innovative solutions.

Our manufacturing engineering services include –

  • Digital design and simulation of manufacturing facilities equipment / systems
  • Design and simulation of completely new production systems or Integration of new production line in existing production systems.
  • Production process planning and production tooling requirements planning
  • Line balancing and optimization
  • Analysis of designed manufacturing system concepts using the best software solutions and virtual reality solutions
  • Coming up with innovative methods to capture existing production plant data for integration projects without stopping the production process
  • Fixture and tooling design, 3D finish and drafting
  • Spare part list and drawings, Cycle time analysis
  • Plant layout and production flow diagram, detailed layout drawing
  • MTM and ergonomics analysis, P-FMEA
  • Safety Fence, Cable Tray, Pneumatic, hydraulic, cooling water plans
  • Logistic concepts, Concepts for servicing and maintenance
  • Exhaust system design and calculations, Foundation plan for all system components
  • Media calculation and installation plan, HIP, RIP and cable tray layout
  • Virtual validation and optimization of manufacturing systems before going into actual production
  • production line, production process and robot movement evaluation
    • Study on the technical feasibility of operating points
    • Study on accessibility of all operating points
    • Study on collision freedom of individual robots with the environment / devices / grab / steel / etc
    • Preparation of kinematics on all relevant inputs
    • Compliance with the cycle times of each robot / worker
    • Compliance with the overall cycle time of production equipment
    • Robot sequence, interlock between robot, tools, equipment
    • Preparation of OLP and RCS
    • Input the simulation to OLP with customer checklist
    • Creation of equipment electronic bill of material for the complete manufacturing system
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IPEXX Global brings to its Global Customers a synergy of more than 25 years of successful engineering operations in Europe and decades of pioneering global Off-shoring and project management expertise of India put together under one roof.
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