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Digital design and manufacturing technologies provide a great support for product realization from design conception and engineering to manufacturing, sales and services of a product. In today’s world a digital factory uses digital technology for modelling, communications and to operate the manufacturing process. This arrangement of technology allows managers to configure, model, simulate, assess and evaluate items, procedures and system before the factory is constructed. The digital factory gives answers for configuration, design, screen and control of a production system. But to avail all the benefits of digital design and manufacturing requires establishment of an information technology infrastructure that can seamlessly connect all the functions of a world class organisation with operations spread across the globe.

IPEXX team is highly experienced in developing solutions for design, process, modelling, and drafting automation. Our Design Engineering & Manufacturing solutions help our clients to establish such complex infrastructures and customise them as per their needs to reduce the design functional cycle time and improve efficiency there by attaining productivity and profitability. Our Design Engineering Solution Development enable close collaboration of mechanical engineers from distributed teams and locations across the world. These virtual teams can perform effectively as they are housed in a single premise, through technologies built on cloud and social media.


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IPEXX Global brings to its Global Customers a synergy of more than 25 years of successful engineering operations in Europe and decades of pioneering global Off-shoring and project management expertise of India put together under one roof.
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