Our Services

Manufacturing Design Engineering

Through the Manufacturing Engineering services of IPEXX Global, clients can perform virtual validation and optimization of manufacturing systems before going into actual production. This helps in reduced cost, better produce realization cycle and improved productivity.

Product Design Engineering

We support our clients through:

  • Engineering Change Management
  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Re-Engineering
  • CAE/ CFD
  • Concept Design
  • Data Conversion and Migration
  • Cost reduction design analysis

Our capabilities and expertise are:

  • Strategy and support for turnkey product development to meet the existing market demands.
  • Develop product development plan and road map to establish cope, costing, timeline, covering the complete cycle of idea to engineering, prototyping, certification and manufacturing.
  • Development cycle of product cost-models, to understand the profitability of product before investing in risk, expense and time
  • Digital to Ready to Sell product prototype (DRS) Creation, to analyse and secure investments

Design Engineering Solution Development

Our Design Engineering & Manufacturing solutions help our clients to reduce the design functional cycle time and improve efficiency there by attaining productivity and profitability. Our Design Engineering Solution Development enable close collaboration of mechanical engineers from distributed teams and locations across the world. These virtual teams can perform effectively as they are housed in a single premise, through technologies built on cloud and social media.

  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Parametric Programming
  • Engineering Design Solution Development
About Us
IPEXX Global brings to its Global Customers a synergy of more than 25 years of successful engineering operations in Europe and decades of pioneering global Off-shoring and project management expertise of India put together under one roof.